June 14, 2021

Daily Fethiye Excursions

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A view from Dalyan and Turtle Beach
Price 25.00
  Enjoy the Turtle Beach, admire the Rock Tombs and wallow in the glorious Mud Baths.
  Ecursion Approximately 10 hrs 30 min
  Ecursion From 09:00 till 19:30
  Available monday, wednesday and saturday from 01.04.2021 till 31.10.2021

A view from Fethiye 12 Islands Boat Trip
Price 18.00
  A swimming, sunbathing, sightseeing tour around the legendary Bays & Islands of Fethiye
  Ecursion Approximately 7 hrs 45 min
  Ecursion From 09:45 till 17:30
  Available everyday from 01.04.2021 till 31.10.2021

A view from Fethiye Oludeniz Paragliding
Price 100.00
  Enjoy a breathtaking adventure by flying tandem with an experienced pilot from the company with a proven safety record from Day 1!
  Ecursion Approximately 3 hrs 45 min
  Ecursion From 16:15 till 20:00
  Available everyday from 01.01.2021 till 31.10.2021

A view from Jeep Safari
Price 19.00
  Hop on your Jeep and discover the wonders of nature just beyond your resort.
  Ecursion Approximately 9 hrs 30 min
  Ecursion From 08:30 till 18:00
  Available everyday from 01.04.2021 till 31.10.2021

A view from Fethiye Horse Safari
Price 14.00
  Enjoy the countryside from a higher point, unwind yourself with beautiful nature and lovely animals.
  Ecursion Approximately 3 hrs 15 min
  Ecursion From 10:15 till 13:30
  Available everyday from 01.04.2021 till 31.10.2021

A view from Scuba Diving
Price 26.00
  Diving for complete beginners and the experienced. Padi & Cmas courses available.
  Ecursion Approximately 8 hours
  Ecursion From 09:30 till 17:30
  Available everyday from 01.04.2021 till 31.10.2021

A view from Fethiye Quad Safari
Price 22.00
  Enjoy the thrill of mastering a Quad Bike. A half-day full of excitement and fun on the natural and designed tracks
  Ecursion Approximately 3 hrs 30 min
  Ecursion From 10:00 till 13:30
  Available everyday from 01.04.2021 till 31.10.2021

A view from Pamukkale
Price 41.00
  Mineral baths, lime terraces and historical remains in a unique setting
  Ecursion Approximately 14 hours
  Ecursion From 06:30 till 20:30
  Available every friday and tuesday from 01.05.2021 till 31.10.2021

A view from Saklikent & Tlos & Yakapark
Price 24.00
  Beneath the mountainous scenery and cool air lies one of the oldest Lycian settlements, Tlos.
  Ecursion Approximately 9 hours
  Ecursion From 09:30 till 18:30
  Available every Wednesday, Friday from 01.05.2021 till 31.10.2021

A view from Fethiye White Water Rafting
Price 28.00
  An exciting day with splendid scenery around. Enjoy the successive rapids and beautiful nature.
  Ecursion Approximately 10 hours
  Ecursion From 08:30 till 18:30
  Available everyday from 15.05.2021 till 15.10.2021

A view from Oludeniz Water World
Price 13.00
  Oludeniz Water World
  Ecursion Approximately 6 hrs 30 min
  Ecursion From 10:30 till 17:00
  Available everyday from 01.05.2021 till 31.10.2021

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